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Join OnVoard Affiliate Program

Give your users $10 off their monthly subscription.
You earn $10 for each referral that upgrades plus 20% ongoing commission.

Benefits of OnVoard Affiliate Program

Referral Discounts

Your users get $10 off their monthly subscription if they use your affiliate link or coupon code.

Instant + Recurring Commissions

You get $10 for each referral that upgrades plus 20% ongoing commission.

Customized Coupon Codes

You can customize coupon codes according to your brand. Generated affiliate links will be based on coupon code.

Value-for-Money Super App

It's easy to sell OnVoard to your audience since we're a offering multiple apps at an affordable price. Many of our customers told us that they choose OnVoard because it is value-for-money.

How to Get Started

Follow steps below to get started with OnVoard Affiliate Program

1) Register for an OnVoard account

First, you need to register for an OnVoard account. All registered users are automatically enrolled into our affiliate program.

2) Generate Affiliate Links

To generate affiliate links, you can create coupon code to give your referrals $10 off their monthly subscription. After that, share coupon code or affiliate link with your referrals.

3) Get Paid

When a referral upgrades, you will earn one-time commission of $10 plus 20% ongoing commission.

So if a referral pays OnVoard $50 each month, you will earn $10 commission every month plus an additional $10 for the first month.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will monthly commissions be computed?

Commissions are computed on 1st of each month after referral accounts has been charged. After that, if unpaid commissions exceeds minimum threshold, we'll generate payout on 3rd of each month. Generated payout will be in Awaiting state, until actual payout has been made.

When do you payout commissions?

We pay on 15th of each month via paypal.

What is the minimum payout threshold?

By default, minimum payout is $100. You can increase it up to $5000.

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