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AOV Progress Bar

Increase Average Order Value with Progress Bar

AOV Progress Bar is an interactive progress bar that make customers feel the need to add more items.

Powering ecommerce marketing for brands you love

Multi Tiers Discounting

Go beyond offering free shipping to your customers with multi tiers discounting. For example, you can configure discounting in the following manner:
Free Shipping if Cart Amount is greater than $50
$10 Off if Cart Amount is greater than $100

Other Key Features

Rich Text Editor

For call-to-action message, you can set text color, bolding, italics, underline, etc.

Customizable Progress Bar

Change style and colors of progress bar according to your store design.

Fonts Inheritance

Inherit fonts from your store. Keep styles consistent with your brand.

Inline Widget

Progress bar is inserted inline so it won't bloat your page.

AOV Progress Bar Pricing

Unlimited pageviews.

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