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Partner Rewards & Loyalty Program

Reperks have 2 main products, Marketplace and Loyalty.

enables you to buy/sell discount codes (aka "deals") with other ecommerce merchants.

Loyalty is a full-featured loyalty program to help your store retain customers and increase lifetime value.

Powering ecommerce marketing for brands you love

Marketplace Seller

Get listed and earn additional revenue by selling coupon codes

Marketplace Buyer

Add deals from marketplace and use it as partner rewards for your loyalty program

Loyalty Progam

Rewards loyalty program to retain customers and increase lifetime value.

Member Profile

Identify high value customers and keep track of points activity.

Why Join Marketplace as Seller?

Additional Revenue Channel

Selling deals creates an additional revenue channel for your store.

Acquiring new customers

Each coupon code redeem means new customers for your store. Compared to paid advertising, this is a cost efficient way to acquire customers.

High Lifetime Value (LTV)

For a customer to redeem partner reward, they probably need to spend a certain amount of money before they're qualified for redemption. Thus, compared to one-time purchasers, this segment of customers has a higher value.

Always Profitable

You get full control over deals pricing and can structure it such that every deal sold will be profitable for your store.

Why Join Marketplace as Buyer?

More Attractive Rewards

Your loyalty program is not going to convince customers to place their next purchase if they don't see the appeal in rewards. By adding partner rewards, customers will find loyalty points more applicable, and make more repeat purchase from your store.

Real-Time Transaction

Currently, buying store vouchers requires pre-purchasing in bulk. When you use Reperks as a buyer, we handle your buying trades and process it in real-time upon redemptions. You won't have to bulk purchase vouchers anymore.

Marketplace Features

Multilingual Listings

Create listings in different languages to support multiple markets

Trade Approval

Turn on to manually approve buyers

Auto-Generated Coupons

Coupon codes are automatically generated for each deal.

Real-Time Redemption

Payment and redemptions are handled in real-time. No more pre-purchase and bulk buying vouchers.

Stripe Connect

Stripe is used to process payment between trading partners. Payment goes directly to your Stripe account.

Zero Maintenance

As a seller, you only need to setup once and Reperks will help you sell your deals.

Loyalty Features

Zero Code Installation

One-click widget installation that just works

Email Notifications

Notify your customers on points changes.

Points Adjustment

Use points adjustment to handle points change for custom rewards campaigns.

Migration Import

To migrate from other rewards loyalty platform, Reperks allows you to import existing members data and points via CSV. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance to migrate to Reperks.

Reperks Pricing

Up to 100 orders per month.
Loyalty Program
Rewards Marketplace
Additional Usage Charges
  • $1 per 1000 email sends.
Up to 300 orders per month. Usage charge applies separately.
Points Expiring
Earning Limits
Earn Points Conditions
Additional Usage Charges
  • $1 per 1000 email sends.
Up to 600 orders per month. Usage charge applies separately.
Additional Usage Charges
  • $1 per 1000 email sends.
Up to 1500 orders per month. Usage charge applies separately.
Additional Usage Charges
  • $1 per 1000 email sends.
Unlimited orders. Access to all features with no limits. Usage charge applies separately.

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