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“Very quick and easy to set up.”

Back In Stock

Don't lose revenue from out-of-stock item

Recover revenue by allowing customers to subscribe for restock notifications. Then automatically notifies when products are restocked.
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The most installed app for OnVoard. Our top merchant recovered more than $200,000 in 2011.

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Subscribe Multiple Product Variants

Users can subscribe to multiple product variants within a single form. Other back-in-stock tools requires your users to submit multiple forms for subscribing multiple product variants.

For example, if a user wants to subscribe to any of "S/Red, S/Blue and S/Green", they need to submit 3 times when using other back-in-stock tools.

Double Opt-In

Send double opt-in confirmation email when a user subscribes. Subscribers who didn't confirm opt-in will not receive back-in-stock emails. This can be used for merchants who need to adhere to regulations like GDPR.

Triggering Back In Stock

Multiple options available to trigger back-in-stock on your site.
Floating Button
Inline Button
Inline Form
Inline Text

Other Key Features

Style Editor

Customize styles based on your store design.

Inventory Dashboard

Keep track of quantity and number of subscribers so that you can gauge demand.

Tags Filtering

Use tags to whitelist/blacklist products for back-in-stock widgets.

Autofill Email

Increase opt-in rates by autofill emails for logged-in users.

Collection Page

Add back-in-stock to collection page to increase opt-in rates.

Any Variant

Display back-in-stock widgets if any of product variant is out-of-stock. Commonly used by apparel stores.

Sync Subscribers

Sync back-in-stock subscribers to other platforms like ecommerce and marketing.


Sync subscribers with OnVoard Contact.


Sync subscribers with Webhook.


Sync subscribers with Mailchimp Subscriber.


Sync subscribers with Klaviyo Subscriber.


Sync subscribers with Omnisend Contact.


Sync subscribers with Shopify Customer.


Sync subscribers with BigCommerce Subscriber.


Sync subscribers with Wix Contact.

Back In Stock Pricing

Additional Usage Charges
  • $1 per 1000 email sends.
Access to all features with no limits. Usage charge applies separately.
Very quick and easy to set up. Very good support if you have individual questions. I use all the apps from OnVoard.

Start recovering out-of-stock revenue

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Back-in-stock revenue recovered for our merchants in 2021.


Back-in-stock revenue recovered by our top merchant in 2021.


Average back-in-stock revenue recovered per merchant in 2021.

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The most installed app for OnVoard.

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