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Product Changes
January 29, 2024

Great news! Our companion app, RenderKu, now allows you to export emails for free. You can now export emails on RenderKu's free plan. Previously, exporting emails require a paid subscription. Now we've made it available for all users.

Cheaper Pricing, Better Free Plan

We've also updated pricing plans to make it cheaper for everyone. Monthly paid plan now starts from $12/mo instead of $48/mo. And you get 50% off at $6/mo if subscribed annually.

Free plan is also better with same features as paid subscription. The only limitations for free users now is that you can create up to 2 emails. This means that you can now fully test your emails by exporting it before deciding if you want to upgrade to a paid subscription.

What this means for you?

This means that you can now beautify your ecommerce transactional emails with free templates. RenderKu has 100+ pre-made templates you can use for ecommerce transactional emails.

Below are some examples on how the default emails look VS using RenderKu templates.

Order Confirmation

Order Out for Delivery

Gift Card Issued

Try our new free plan and level up your transactional emails now!

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