2022 Updates: Better Pricing, Affiliate & Agency Program

February 14, 2022

Hope 2021 has been good for you folks. Below are great changes we just added yesterday to OnVoard.

Better Pricing

This is probably the most important change to take note. The new pricing would make it easier for you to estimate monthly charges. It will also be cheaper than our previous gold plan.

Old Pricing

  • $10 per month base price.
  • Plus $5 for every 1000 active contacts.
  • Plus $1 for every 1000 email sends.

New Pricing

  • $19 per month base price.
  • Plus $1 for every 1000 email sends.
  • Initial price is $29/mo but you can apply limited time code "EARLY10OFF" to get $10 off per month.

In short, if you are not sending any emails, you will pay a flat rate of $19 per month. This is way better than the previous gold plan which will charge you more when you have more active contacts.

This isn't an easy decision to make since it will dip OnVoard's revenue by around 20%. I am willing to absorb the loss and make this change because quite often, users drop us message asking us how active contacts are computed. Also, many users want to use 1 or 2 of our apps or aren't ready to fully switch over. For instance, it's hard to justify paying additional charges for active contacts if a user is only using prompt app. This pricing change is also an aggressive move to make it no-brainer for users to switch over to OnVoard.

Existing Paid Users

As usual, if you are already a paid user, your existing plan stays intact. It is totally up to you to decide if you want switch to this new plan. If you're on our previous gold plan that charges by active contacts, you most definitely would want to switch to this new plan.

Switching to New Plan

Here's a quick rundown on how you can switch to new plan.

1) Go to subscriptions page.

2) Look for Apply Coupon and use limited time code "EARLY10OFF" to unlock discounted plan.

3) You should see a message saying that coupon has been added. Next, Edit Subscription. Choose Gold (Promo) to get discounted subscription.

Affiliate Program

If you love OnVoard and would like to make money promoting us, you need to take a look at our affiliate program.

What Your Referrals Get

With OnVoard's affiliate program, you can generate an affiliate link or coupon code to give your referrals $10/mo off their monthly subscription.

What You Get

In return, you earn $10 for each referral that upgrades plus 20% ongoing commission.

To get started as an affiliate, see affiliate program page.

Agency Program

If you represent an agency, we would like to work with you.

  • There are no fees to be OnVoard's agency partner.
  • Your agency will be listed on our agency partners directory page (currently still empty so why not be the first). This will bring additional exposure and free leads for your business.
  • Agency partner get 20% commission for all managed accounts.

To get started as an agency partner, see partner overview page.

Can I be both an affiliate and agency at the same time?

Yes. Commission earned as an affiliate will be based on referred accounts while commission earned as an agency will be based on managed accounts. So if you run an agency and refer users to us, we will still attribute commission to you as an affiliate.

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