Email Editor Improvements: Product Picker + Adjustable Columns Widths

Product Changes
January 30, 2021

I've just released some improvements to OnVoard's email editor. Here's a quick 1 minute rundown to get you familiarized with the improvements made.

Product Picker

List of available products for selections

The new product picker allows you to easily select products to add to product list block. This is one feature I'm sure would benefit many merchants given how tedious it was to manually select products previously.

Adjustable Columns Widths

Preview of slider to adjust column widths. You can add up to 3 columns.

Previously, OnVoard only supports fixed column widths like (50% by 50%). This new release now supports an option to adjust widths for each row column.

The above example shows how we can use it to customize the width for image and text blocks that is on the same row.

That is all, a quick 1 minute rundown on some improvements made.

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