New Apps: AOV Progress Bar + Back In Stock

October 12, 2020

Hola, amigo. Quick updates on some new stuff we have at OnVoard.

Brand New Console

I've rebuilt to OnVoard's Console to make things sleekier and easier for you to switch products. The main reason for the change was that the previous navigation layout can be confusing and overly cluttered as we add more products to OnVoard's brand.

Before Change
After Change

Now, let's talk about the 2 upcoming products that we're adding.

AOV Progress Bar

Prompt user to add more cart items to unlock discounts like free shipping

This is an interactive progress bar that changes whenever customers add or remove items from cart. The effect is to motivate customers to subconsciously add more items to their cart.

The rule of thumb is to place progress bar in areas when there's "Add to Cart" button. This way, whenever a customers add a cart item, they will be prompt to fill up the bar.

Back In Stock

Customers can subscribe for back-in-stock notifications when products are out of stock.

The average merchant loses 10% revenue from out of stock items. Our new back in stock tool helps merchants to recover these revenue by allowing customers to subscribe for back in stock notifications and automatically notifies them when your products are restocked.

When will these 2 products be available?

  • If you are running on EasyStore, good news for you! You can use these 2 new products right away.
  • If you are running on Shopify, you probably will have to wait for at least a few days. We've submitted our apps for approval and it is currently pending review.

Keen to get started? Go to catalog page and add these 2 new products.

Other Improvements

I've also added several improvements to OnVoard's platform.

Recent activities in contacts management

Up to 3 most recent activities will be shown for each contact

You can now view recent activities for each contact via contacts management page without diving into individual contact profile.

View Guide for Flow Playbooks

Each playbook comes with link to view guide

Each flow playbook now comes along with a "View Guide" link to help you walk you through flow setup. This would save you time trying to dig up documentation for respective flow.

Deduplicate Email Recipients for Flow

Turn on to prevent sending duplicate emails to the same recipient.

One of the most common mistakes I've seen in cart/browse abandonment flows is that merchants often forget to add a filter logic to skip recipients who've already received the same abandonment email. This means that if customers viewing 5 different products may end up getting 5 browse abandonment emails.

To resolve this common issue, I've added deduplicate recipients option making it easy to exclude past recipients when sending out emails in abandonment flows.

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