New Feature: SMTP Profile for Better Email Deliverability

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March 8, 2022

Today we're adding the most important feature for email deliverability, SMTP Profile. The predecessor of this feature is email domains. We've fully migrated email domains to SMTP profiles. In general, you do not need to make any changes.

The details below are for users who want to explore more options for email deliverability. If you are not sending much emails (1000 or more emails per month), you can skip this announcement.

What is a SMTP Profile?

SMTP profile determines the configurations used for delivering email and via which domain. OnVoard doesn't do the actual delivery of emails. Instead, we're integrated with SMTP providers like Sendgrid and Postmark which will do the job for email delivery. In fact, very few email marketing platforms does email delivery in-house, since dealing with email blacklists is an extremely painful process.

By default, all marketing emails that runs through OnVoard are delivered via our Sendgrid account. The introduction of SMTP profile provides additional options for you to determine how you want your emails to be delivered.

Read Guide for SMTP Profile

Sending Options

In general, there are 3 kinds of sending options you can configure for SMTP profile.

1) Use (Default)

This is the default option provided for all accounts. Emails will be delivered via domain using OnVoard's Sendgrid account. For better control over deliverability, we recommend most users to choose option 2 and use your own domain for sending. Emails sent from your own domain will not have "via" message.

Sending from

Sending from your own domain

2) Use your own domain (Recommended for most users)

This is what we recommend for most users. Delivering via your own domain ensures that you can build up email reputation for your own domain. This is better for your business in the long run since you have better control over deliverability.

3) Use your own SMTP provider account (For advanced users)

This is the key feature for SMTP profile that you can't find on other email marketing platforms.

For advanced users, you can even configure to use your own SMTP provider account for sending. Below are the benefits for doing so:

  • You will gain full control over deliverability. For example, you can setup dedicated IP in your SMTP provider account for sending.
  • More in-depth email stats. You can login directly to your SMTP provider account to view raw email stats.

Keep in mind that we only recommend this for advanced users who knows what they are doing. For more, you can see the following guides for setting up with own SMTP.

Available SMTP Provider

Currently, Sendgrid and Postmark are the 2 SMTP providers that we support. We have plans to support the following SMTP providers in the future.

Use OnVoard's Postmark Account for Sending

As mentioned earlier, by default we'll deliver all emails via our Sendgrid account.

We also allow whitelisted users to sent emails via our Postmark account. It may yield better deliverability based on our experience. You can contact us if you wish to be whitelisted to send via OnVoard's Postmark account. Keep in mind the following requirements to be approved.

  • Must be an account with subscribed to OnVoard for at least a few months. We don't approve new accounts.
  • Account must have shown good delivery stats with certain volume.
  • In general, we need to be assured that you are a trusted sender with good email reputation.

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