Summer Updates 2021 for OnVoard Marketing Platform

Product Changes
July 24, 2021

Here are the 2021 summer updates for OnVoard marketing platform. Flows is now Workflows. Below is a breakdown of changes made.

Simplification and Redesign

Workflows setup has been greatly simplified. See our documentation on playbooks. Now you only need to edit a couple of fields to setup workflow automation. Most of the setup can be done within 10 mins. Segment templates, email templates and workflow playbooks have all been redesigned as well.

Email Kinds

Email is now categorized as broadcast emails or workflow emails. Only broadcast emails can be broadcasted while workflow emails are emails used in workflows.

Email Sending Rules

Sending rules helps to prevent overwhelming email sends to contacts so that you won't annoy them with too many emails within a short period of time. By default, we will skip if same email has been delivered within the last 5 hours (300 minutes).

You can also override skip rules individually for each email.

Product Recommendations in Emails

You can now use recommender app to generate and add product recommendations within emails. This is a very powerful feature since it opens up tons of opportunities for you to cross-sell to your customers with each email sends. For example, you can embed "People Also Buy" recommendations in low stock emails, or "You May Be Interested" recommendations in any emails based on contact's previous purchase/browsing activity.

What's even better is that you can add meta labels for your recommendations to make it more compelling.

See guide on how to use product recommendations in email.

Newly Supported Workflows

  • Low Stock. Inform users that stock level is running low for products they've shown interest.
  • Price Drop. Inform users that price has dropped for products they've shown interest.
  • Replenishment. Send replenishment notification if contact didn't repurchase after a brief period.
  • Welcome Series. Run through a series of messages to welcome new contacts.
  • Winback. Reach out to existing customers who have not place order over a long period of time.
  • Monthly Product Recommendations. Send monthly product recommendations like new arrivals or top sellers to subscribers.

For more, go to workflow playbooks page.

Workflow Annotation

You can now add notes inside workflow. In fact, I have added notes in our playbooks to illustrate what each step does.

Email Step

Since sending email is so commonly used in workflows, I have separated it from action step. You can use email step to add and select workflow email.

Notification Step

Send internal email notification to admin. The difference with email step is that you won't be adding new email. Instead, email content can be specified in step.

Wait Step

Wait until conditions are met. You can also set a time limit to cap waiting time. For example, wait until a contact is double opted-in, before sending them a marketing email.

Workflow Entry Requirements

Entry requirements allows you to specify conditions that must be met before contact is eligible to be added to workflow.

The most common example is to filter contacts who've not been previously added to this workflow. This ensure that contact will only enter workflow once.

Workflow Requirements

Workflow requirements are like global conditions. It will be checked before trigger/email/action steps. If requirements are not met, contacts will exit from workflow.

For example, in checkout abandonment workflow, you may have multiple email steps to be delivered over a period of time. In this case, you would want to exit workflow and stop sending abandonment email if the contact has placed order after entering workflow.

Workflow Analytics

View email analytics on workflow level. This is the aggregation of stats for emails assigned to workflow.

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