XCollab: Our Brand Collaborations App will be Available Soon

August 4, 2022

Our brand collaborations app, XCollab, will be available soon. I've just submitted the app to various ecommerce platforms and it should be available within a few weeks time. XCollab is a one of its kind app that enables Brand X Brand Collaborations for Ecommerce Stores.

In short, here's a quick example of how the app work.

  1. Publisher merchant create campaign for advertiser deal to collaborate.
  2. When customers from publisher store spent at least $100 within a single order, they receive $10 off discount code for advertiser store.
  3. When customer use discount code at advertiser store, advertiser merchant acquires a new customer.
  4. Brand X Brand Collaboration allows advertisers to divert money spent on ads towards giving incentives to acquire new customers.

In brand collaboration, everyone wins.

  • Advertiser wins because they acquire new customers.
  • Publisher wins because they can use promotion to increase AOV and boost conversion.
  • Customer wins because they get exclusive discounts from partners.

For now, you can have a quick preview of the app via the link below. Keep in mind that the app is still pending approval so campaigns won't be 100% functional but you can still setup, view and list your store on marketplace.

View XCollab in Console

What's the story behind XCollab?

Since I'm always tied up with work at OnVoard, ordering food delivery services is a common occurrence for me. So last month when I ordered from Ya Kun, I received this $5 voucher from Ya Kun X Amazon Collaboration

Ya Kun X Amazon Collaboration

And it worked! The last time I shopped at Amazon.sg was more than a year ago and this Ya Kun X Amazon collaboration made me a return customer. So I thought wouldn't it be great if we can make brand x brand collaboration possible for merchants programmatically? It happens coincidentally that I have just completed my previous app and have time to clear backlogs or work on something new. Of course, curiously got the better of me and I spent the next month to work on XCollab and there you go, an app that enables Brand X Brand Collaborations for Ecommerce Stores.

How does it work for Advertiser?

Advertisers are merchants who offer deals to other merchants. They can offer discount codes like $10 OFF to customers from publisher stores. This allows advertisers to acquire high-intent purchasers at a low cost.

View Advertiser Guide

How does it work for Publisher?

Publishers are merchants who promote advertiser offers. What's the benefit of being a publisher? You can use partner offers to increase AOV and boost conversion. With advertiser offers, you can setup promotions like "Get $10 OFF at Advertiser Store when you spent at least $100". Best of all, there are no costs for you to setup these promotions!

View Publisher Guide

Collaboration Workflow

Below is how merchants can collaborate to generate more sales.

1) Advertiser Create Deals

Advertiser create deals and list them on marketplace. Deal can be public or private. Private deal allows you to setup exclusive offers with selected partners. Deals listed on marketplace will be available to publishers who can initiate a collaboration campaign.

2) Publisher Create Campaigns

Publisher can view marketplace and identify deals to collaborate. After identifying a deal to collaborate on, setup a campaign for it. You can structure the campaign such that only orders greater than $X will be eligible. This allows you to increase AOV.

3) Advertiser Approval

Advertiser will be notified for campaign requests. They can then choose to either approve or deny it. XCollab will notify publisher approval status via email. If the campaign is approved, it will be ready to go live on scheduled dates.

4) Run Promotions

Before a campaign goes live, both merchants should promote brand collaboration on social media and email newsletter. This is a good way to boost revenue as it gives customers reasons to return to your store.

5) Campaign Period

During the campaign period, XCollab will automatically drop a post-purchase email with advertiser's discount code whenever customers from publisher store make a purchase. Emails will be delivered using publisher's email profile. Below is a quick walkthrough.

  1. Customer sees they can get "$20 OFF" at advertiser store if they ordered at least $100 from publisher store.
  2. Proceeds to place an order of $110 at publisher store. Publisher get to increase AOV.
  3. Receives post-purchase email with advertiser's discount code for "$20 OFF".
  4. Customer is thrilled with the discount and goes to advertiser store to place an order. Advertiser wins a new customer.

6) Rinse and Repeat

After campaign ends, find more collaborators or bring your own collaboration partner. Rinse and repeat to acquire customers at a low cost.

Bring your Own Partner

Have a merchant that you want to collaborate with? Invite them to XCollab and setup a private deal with them! Publishers can always run campaigns on free plan.

What is the Pricing for XCollab?

  • You can collaborate as publisher on a free plan. This includes running campaigns and access marketplace.
  • To collaborate as advertiser, you need a paid plan.
  • Paid plan is at $29/month.
  • A single subscription will provide you access to all 8 OnVoard apps.

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Great, how do I learn more about XCollab?

See Setting up XCollab. Keep in mind that app is still pending approval so campaigns won't be 100% functional but you can still setup, view and list your store on marketplace. When app has been approved, you'll certainly be the first to know!

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